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JADAKISS lyrics : "Feel Me (Skit)"

Uh huh...
All I want you to do is feel me...
Why take time out, to give you the real me...

Uh, uh, uh

Ayo I grew up very athletic, hard headed

thought I knew everything, wanted to do everything
I was spoiled, stubborn, the only child
so the only thing I could do was hold it down

Now this is something that I could tell you that's no bull%#@!
I always been wicked with the flow since a lil kid
my first addiction, GI Joes and icies

after that it was light skinned girls and Nikes
breeze through junior high school, then high school
couple of semesters of college and then night school

Moms start riffin, talkin 'bout how she can't support a grown man
so the god start flippin
Pops used to say %#@!, but never to me much

was like he wasn't even there cuz we aint agree much
used to be gone for whole weeks at a time
puffin one eleven, used to roll three out a dime

then I found myself sleepin in late, doin nothing
$#&@in, runnin with the ^!$$%s that was hustlin
shop wasn't open then, ^!$$%s was workin for a pair of Jordans

the next two weeks they was broke again
me and K keep havin talks of gettin !@%!e again
but the block was crowded we waitin for an openin

meanwhile %#@! still slow we still flowin
never stop or look back we still goin
Bop passed the demo to Mary then she passed it to cousin

We thought it was on but it wasn't
and we can't blame nobody
look at us now dog, we came in the game nobodies

Double R and Interscope, put that cake up
and we aint go platinum but we made ^!$$%s wake up
got 'em all talkin 'bout pumpin the brick

and they only go and see papi to get somethin to sniff
I'm 'bout to $#&@ the game up for real like in the World Series
^!$$% that parachute down in the field

I don't rap I provide you bars
and the pain is invisible, but you can't hide the scars
so y'all never be on the level that we're on

ability to have dope thoughts and spit !@(%
I'm good just wakin up
That's how I know I got one more chance to go and cash in and cake it up...

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