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JADAKISS lyrics : "Consignment"

Yeah I'm sayin that the game need a resurrection
So I keep you ..I'm fresh and always introspective

This pen and pencil should be against who my %#@! and get through
Call ^!$$%s out you (*##$es fly and we official
^!$$% find in new position

You ^!$$%s on the coast without a f*cking ..limo
Fast (*##$es in the slow limo
..but it is just so big I do forget though

I can do forget ..got a model on high heels she six foe
But it know me %#@! a ^!$$% call I bet she gonna get low
Dc off the .. ride of the ..in the sky can see that I'm..

When everybody else turn down we turn up

Bottles poppin and we smoking the low we turn up
Looking at the scene wondering how we turn up
Better time to get it poppin than now we turn up, turn up

Nice tees one layer player is one for ..
Fresh cut ice vow true blue number three

Everybody smoking good we just got a hundred P
Tryin to stay sucker free still the running from the T's
Balling the hobby homie, we ain't tryin get you mad

Baddest (*##$es in the world and a lobby catching tab
Is nothing for the arm everything paying cash
..it's way on the desh

Lot of ^!$$%s like to spin well I love to stash
mother f*cker in the trunk gloves on the map
most ^!$$%s get ill, poppin ^!$$% get a past

few ^!$$%s at their number right before they hit the ..


They watchin me like paparazzi
They wanna know who for really ..and Versace

And when this (*##$ I'm watching hockey
..they wanna know my ..what kind of girls ..
What kind of girls I do

Is not a game it's gotta be ..inside of brain
..that I ever did I never recame
I never really get the best or stronger I ..

Hard as I work you can never take the way from my name
I ..come from the flame
This rappers ..every time that I slame

I can't express the ..I can't convict my game
I told the haters when they knew..made a change
I used to listen to lots ..the biggie I never talk the ..

I made a ..easy three..

[2 x Hook:]

Turn up, turn up, turn up

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