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JADAKISS lyrics : "Closed Casket"

Ft. Snyp Life & Sheek Louch


First I brought the bricks in
Then I brought the pounds out
You ^!$$%s are still mad

Cause I tore the town up
In with the 3-5-7′s
And the four pounders

And it's sad, cause
They just wanna be around us
Yeah, cause they respect the brother

I'm in a new aerie(?), r.e. reflect the color
Grey with metallic
Kush with the haze, make a salad

Put it in a dutch or a chalice
My team is the foulest
Lay you on the floor like a palette

And crush your skull with a mallet
Never do a !@#%,
I spend everything with popular

I ride for my ^!$$%s,
Cause in the end I know they got me

First, I hit it with a needle
Then I cut the dope into bundles
Like the dust that I stashed in the freezer

Broke ^!$$%s move that %#@! cheaper,
Cause it's weaker, the snipe %#@! raw
Like you spit it to a feature

%#@! get deeper, like ring it with a visa
Fresh new heater in the Lex two seater, huh
Life's a (*##$, so is death, when you meet her

I leave 'em stretched out from the balls to the speakers
Poke your chest out cause it's hard when you meet us
It's D block, treat us like the mob when you greet us

Old school, like (?)
The shell top split through
^!$$%s know the model

Four ickes and a pistol
Ivan Gravel, meaning off the mercy of Lago

Police looking like the God is Pablo
Diamonds on my wrist, Heym(?) on the fifth
I'm old school, ^!$$%, like the pick with the fist

I'm so cold, it's hot, the curse and the gift
Louie Duffle, flying out the jail, that's me

I feel like pushing T happy(?) with the yay
Me and dolla brain, million dolla rain
I'll buy another house before million dollar chain

I save cash money like I'm tryna beat Wayne
Done, dah, pain killers and the dutch
Yacking, a (*##$ ^!$$% don't want much

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