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JADAKISS lyrics : "Celebration"

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Nicky got em ready to take half they gear off
Yana got ^!$$%s shaving half they hair off

^!$$%s is so wack i took half they year off
Roll up the man boot
Pass the Smirnoff

Dope is attendant
Keep straight for about a mile and then veer off
Solid gold chandeliers

The champ is here
Big cups of liquor
Cans of beer

I rep YO hard right up to the square
And I can pull a town card right up to the leer
Hoping all rugged

LV on the luggage
D-Block chained
They think I play for the Nuggets

Nah, I'm a ball son
I ain't Ty Lawson
And even though on I'm on

I still get them things off son
All black attire
Rapid fire

In they raps, they just trying to reinact the wire
Ain't your fault they think you wack they biased
And these young cats easily adapt to liers

It's written on the black boards
Death is all a trip we got to pack for
Ain't no coming back y'all

Still can't $#&@ with the God
It's a fact y'all
Flow is like asthma the way I attack y'all

Take your heart away
Then rob your yay
Do you like Frank did Arty Clay

Bought cribs in April
Buying cars in May
Bullet wounds tommorrow

Knife scars today
Game look easy
But it's hard to play

Many ^!$$%s got a career
It's hard to say
How many win when high demand

It's hard to lay
You don't know you know you scared
It's hard to pray

Yeah now they calling you gay
It's the Champ Part 3
You can call it the tre

Bump this from NY all the way to the A
And take it from Miami all the way to the Bay

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