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JADAKISS lyrics : "Air It Out"

Work wit me
I wanna thank y'all fa comin out

Dis iz sum reel' %#@!

First things first

When a ^!$$% money ain't right
That makes things worst
Now he's just breathing he can barely manage

And he's way past starvin
He's really famished
His right-hand man is up north, that's hurtin em

His cellphone bout to cut off, spring jerkin em
And his baby moms startin to do her thing again
She left him for a ^!$$% pumpin e up in Binghamton

If his money is right than maybe he can diss her
But he can't, and ^!$$%s is breakin his little sister
His pops just past

His mom use to be an occasional sniffer
Then she started $#&@in with the gas
Dude use to be a star back then

He had the benz CL something
But he just turned his car back in
Mad carrots pawned all his rings

Took this thing next thing I know
Money pawned all his bling
Now he just like everybody

With the same old plans
That can't get over the hump
With the same old grams

They was on the block making fun of him
He slid off came back with his hammer and killed everyone of em

Cause when I come through clear it out,
Play the sideline and observe how a real ^!$$% air it out

When I come through clear it out,
Play the sideline and observe how a real ^!$$% air it out
When I come through clear it out,

Play the sideline and observe how a real ^!$$% air it out
When i come through clear it out
Play the sideline and observe

Me and B.I go man to man
I know ^!$$%s with an $$#hole

Full of parole that go hand in hand
$#&@ hot thats humidity
And you can't mix money with stupidity

Even though I get my !@%!e from Columbia
My cars from Germany
And my guns from Sicily

Nothin personal but I was raised different
Hold my joint sideways so I blaze different
Give it to anybody $#&@ an age difference

From those in the world to those in the ca****
Rub the kite on your chest and swallow the stamp
At the end of the day they still gonna follow the champ

It ain't about being lyrical
Cause when I get in the booth
I make miracles and I ain't stared at you

But I'm in tune with the hood so I'm better than you
And when you see me comin you know what is better to do



Can't lie all I got is my balls and my vocals
And the only security I roll wit is my social
It don't look decent

It's like ^!$$%s left they crew in the hood
And went on the rode with the presint
Had it up to here with this fake %#@!

They don't even want a ^!$$% to earn his
Just give and take %#@!
Just make sure you mention my name in da top brackets
And make sure you mention your name as the top !@$)got
Trust me this go around I will not have it

I putin ^!$$%s heads to bed like crapmadics
How you think your man died
More money than respect
And it wasn't close it was by a landslide
Listen my ^!$$% your work is sloppy

And I don't love them hoes but the purple got me
If I don't don't do it with music imma do it wit poppy
Just play the sideline and observe and watch me
Let's go


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