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JADAKISS lyrics : "88"

You know they gonna say
What did you know about 80 jay
Well I know this much

They need a lot of money bad (*##$
And that's mine looking like
And now it's Diggy

Got the key of the city
Take my family trip
You know my..

Turn around and talk biggy
And biggy talk giga
So you can just imagine why you're teaching in my top

Rolling the window my doors open
The summer I pulled up to the light
And I drove out with the number

Day is the umber like Michael Urb the younger
No preserving my hunger
No they like ..

Well I got two .. in a couple of months
And the roll was bobby brown and couple of boms
Baby show me love find a couple of ..

And my best Chris .. is this what you want
The moon ..only party my back

I'm getting it crazy
How retarted is that

I'm playing my cards, got a pistol of aces
And this little faces is ..traces
88, 88, 88, 88,

88, 88, 88, 88,
88, 88, 88, 88

I hear the hater no sweaty
Some cook in that Feddy
..some rappers

They got angeletic
Couple chef to the..great
Homie you ain't no empire

Why you're watching my pockets..my classic
Back in it .. so I know me to go shopping
I ain't ragging I'm swagging my fly is what..

Shout the..nikcy I'm in every ..
Hope that..i[ma lot..
With dirty money got..get your hurt

This on my..every month on the first
No mean to front only ..


That's what my family gets rocking

I just step back and watch them
I was only 13 so I ain't know what..
I just..they had it

If I act the..like goodie
Go start the trees they ..
All the ships was exotic

All the chicks was erotic
Money was coming so fast so you need is a product
Is somebody you need to test it

Find a good ..to try it
Never keep not know you
Find a good place to hide it

If the..i only
'cause if my life get a buy
If the..and act like a require

..is platinum and you ain't even gold
And I'm still spending money
Is 24 ..

88, 88, 88, 88,
88, 88, 88, 88,

88, 88, 88, 88

And I'm still spend money from 88

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