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J.Reyez : Grateful lyrics

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J.Reyez lyrics : "Grateful"

(Verse 1)
I remember back then, living in mama's crib
now I'm paying for rent, wondering how she been

them good ol' days with them home cooked meals
getting caught in fourth grade commiting no good steals
anything to get by, just to live life careless

basketball jersey on, back when I'd wear this
hanging with the wrong kids, getting into trouble
I starting doing dirt just to get with the hustle

my friends would influence, doing what was stupid
living life hip hop, intuned with the music
them days of graffiti, tagging up everything

and life was so easy, didn't worry bout a thing
trying to be the cool kid, we all trying to stand out
tried the school thing but it just didn't pan out

learn from mistakes and I'm feeling like a man now
you gotta understand that this life ain't a hand out

but one time for me


throw your hands in the air
wave it around like you just don't care
I do it, I do it for my fans

I do it for my fam, and they made me who I am
I'm feeling so grateful and I became a man
for all the hard times that I had to take a stand

I'm feeling so grateful, the food that I eat
for the times that I'd fall and got back on my feet

(Verse 2)
I'm trying to be optimistic I say $#&@ a pessimist
make the same mistake, sorry I wasn't listening

forgot what the lesson is, I need to grow up now
buy that big house for my mom somewhere uptown
need to get a deal, I need some of that wealth

I've been keeping it real, being true to myself
been doing it well, the city's where my hearts at
working on my craft, it's a real life art class

these rappers need to hit the gym, where your bars at?
I don't see you in the sky, where the stars at?
getting in the rap game for the wrong reasons

you ain't hot, sorry kid you in the wrong season
this life is all about doing good with it
shouts to my homies holding up in the hood living

and it's a blessing to make it outta nothing
we all got potential to everything we wanted



looking back to what I had, I still reminisce
appreciating what I have, every day I'm livin in
just to get this far, we've been through the hardships

feels so good everytime were awarded
gotta live life everyday and enjoy it
never give up on your goals, never forfeit

God is so greatful, I wake up in the morning
throw ya hands up one time for the chorus

now one time for me


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