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Iwrestledabearonce lyrics : "Button It Up"

It's cold, down here
My body lays next to a man I fear
It's what you've said to me before you made me bleed

Run faster, Running softer, pinned to the ground
Her eyes deepen on the stars in the sky
Helpless, lifeless in a pool of blood

Last thing she smelled, death around her
It's what you've always wanted
It's what you've always want

She raises her hands to the sky, one last breath
Her body flows into the sea
Let the tides lull her to sleep

High tide lullaby
Sing her to sleep
The water radiates, she floats upwards, a glazed stare

Sigh no different from a blind man's
He breaks out the chains
Wraps them around her feet

She drifts down to the ground
Her body lay frozen at the bottom of the sea

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