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Itchy Poopzkid : Stuck In A Daze lyrics

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Itchy Poopzkid lyrics : "Stuck In A Daze"

I always used to keep an eye
On this scenery
Made up my mind and found out

That I still disagree

You´re failing to pretend

That you´re one of my friends

Take back your entertainment

Your tragic comedy
Headlines and adverti!@&(t
Canting security

Stick to your made up stories
To keep the level low

Your plans are visible to us
Just like red color in the snow

And here it comes again now
God bless the bad routine
We´re used to all the lies

That we can choose between

So here it comes again now

We won´t adopt your ways
Whoever follows you
Will be stuck in a daze

A brandnew education
An irritated youth

They´re waiting for salvation
"How to not get the blues"

Welcome the common lifestyle
All show and no substance
Get dressed and put on a big smile

For the contemporary dance
So here it comes again now...

I´m listening but I don´t really do
My head´s not here not even near
It´s gone to somewhere new

Too late to wait I´ve given up on you
I´m listening but I don´t really do

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