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Itchy Poopzkid : I Will Always Go On Missing You lyrics

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Itchy Poopzkid lyrics : "I Will Always Go On Missing You"

We've been driving on and on,
it makes you so frustrated.
I haven't showered for too long,

I feel alone and jaded (I love the way I hate it)

Stomach's aching, throat is too.

Every day the same food.
Dirty places, dirty rooms,
all I can think of is you.

(all I can think about is you)

This cold place just ain't my home

and you're so far away now baby.
I wish I wasn't so alone,
I wish your arms around me, maybe...

But no complaints, and no scapegoats.

I got my band, we're on the road.
And that's just what I wanna do
so I will always go on missing you.

3 a.m., the lights go out.
Time to find some sleep now.

My bed is replaced by some couch,
my back is crying so loud (it doesn't matter somehow)

Arriving at some places
I already wanna leave.
Small talk, no names, just faces.

It doesn't make me feel at ease.

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