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Itchy Poopzkid : Ain't My Business lyrics

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Itchy Poopzkid lyrics : "Ain't My Business"

You are accusing me
of being mean lately
that I've been pretending

instead of depending
on what you say or do
I break your heart in two

your conversation thing drives me nuts
one thing that's crystal clear
I'll fail my class this year

they tell me what went wrong
I say "ok, go on"
that doesn't bother me

I think I'm gonna sleep
so would you please leave me alone
no time to argue

no time to waste

just leave 'coz I don't care

It ain't my business
won't ever be
so nevermind oh yeah

even in my own room
I will be kicked out soon
the final warning's told

my house already sold
no place where I belong
no one can tell me wrong

there's the door stay outta my life
no time to argue
no time to waste

just leave 'coz I don't care
it ain't my business
will never be

so nevermind oh yeah

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