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Isobel Campbell : There Is No Greater Gold lyrics

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Isobel Campbell lyrics : "There Is No Greater Gold"

Love used to be a stranger to me
Love was so disappointing
I was waiting for a sign

I was looking for some company
So I took a walk outside
What a lucky day

I saw the devil waiting for me
He'd bullets and green paper

He'd been walking through the earth
Swinging to and fro and down in it (from" the Book of Job" 1.6)
As I turned to walk away

That's when I saw your face

Love, there is nothing better than this

Love, think of all the chances we miss
See the people walking by
With their mobile and computer eyes

If they'd just afford the time
There is no greater gold

Love, I don't think I'll see you again
It isn't easy you say we're friends
When you opened up your heart

Just enough to make me see again
When you stopped to take my hand
It was meant this way

It was meant this way

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