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ISLEY BROTHERS : Float On Bad Boy (Remix) lyrics

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ISLEY BROTHERS lyrics : "Float On Bad Boy (Remix)"

1 - Wanna hold you, let me show you
Baby I'm yours
Let me give my all to you, and float on

Let me tease you, let me play you
Baby I'm yours
Let me give my all to you, float on

This is my love song, my love song, yeah
This is my gift to you, girl

I know it took so long, it took so long, baby
But it's coming from a heart so true

Repeat 1

Every thing I do, I do, I do, I do

From now on baby, I do for you
I'm gonna spend every, every, every, every,
Every, every, every, every, every, every, every, every day of my life

Making sweet love to you

Repeat 1

On the bed, on the floor, on the stairs, on the chair, everywhere baby
I wanna make love and bring it over and over and over and over

I wanna please, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Float on

Don't disturb this mood, I'm so into you
I just want to do the things you like for me to you
Just relax your mind and let me comfort you tonight

Pleasure is yours and mine

Repeat 1

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