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Iration lyrics : "The Rock"

I said we plant the seed raise the stock
You cut it down when you build on the rock (whoooaaa yeahhh)
One edge hot and the other is sharp

Got to do battle when the blade is hot (whoooaaa yeahhh)
Another piece of the pie in demand
What happened to the giving hand? (whoooaaa yeahhh )

I said they come to play then they stay
Build on the rock but you can't change our ways (whoooaaa yeahhh)

On to our goal we've got to push
A burning hand is worth two in the busy (whoooaaa yeahhh)
Said it's a positive way in which we live

Never forget but forever forgive (whoooaaa yeahhh )
Take the land but you can't take the soul away (yeahhh)
Build on our sand but there's always a price to pay (whoooaaa yeahhh)

You can take the land but you can't take the soul away...

I said me build a spliff get ya fire

Iration make the crowd get higher (whoooaaa yeahhh)
Back up from this innocent man
I can see right through your wicked plan (whoooaaa yeahhh)

Straight from the core to the mountain top
Solidified in the ways of the rock (whoooaaa yeahhh)

(Whoooaaa yeahhh)

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