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Ira Losco lyrics : "Losing Streak"

Losing streak again, it's never gonna end
You think you got your friends but they're all
Out just doing the bends

They're out just doing the bends

Your hurting lies inside it's never gonna end,

You think you've got it just stop it

Does it feel the same again?

Does it feel the same
When you dunno if you're done
Does it feel the same

Does the feel the same
And you dunno if you'll feel this way again

The neon lights are on, your head is swinging low
Pretending to be calm, composed you're shaking as you throw
Shaking as you throw

You can't avoid his stare
Their eyes are everywhere

You think you got away
They've got ya

Cause they told what to say
And they told what to do
And you keep on hoping it'll come back to you

And you're tired of losing... and you're tired of losing again and again

But I dunno if you could feel this way?

Well you can try
You can try

So does it feel the same
Just to breathe again
When you dunno if you'll be the same

And you think it's all gone away

I dunno if I should let you in

I can't get through to you
Is this where we begin?
I dunno if we should try again

Is this where we begin?
Or is this where it ends?

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