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Into It. Over It. lyrics : "And I Bite My Nails"

if i tell you a secret, promise not to run your mouth?
you see, i've kept my trap shut for about one week now.
but if this is it, i'm gonna go out with a bang, lest a whimper.

shoot from the hip with a fair and honest answer.

may you come true to come around and let everyone down with me.

you see, i've got plans and they don't involve a single friend here,
to which you've got friends on which your plans will rest for years and years.

'cause kelly had you pegged, or at least your motives, from the start.
when everything you said mislead my upright but hopeless heart.

may you come true and come around to hurt this town with me.

because this is what happens when everybody's best friend
confesses feelings for me on a sunset walnut street balcony.

well, i'm gonna be sorry
and make you see
that you're gonna be sorry

you messed with me.

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