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Into It. Over It. lyrics : "Anchor"

Urban royalty on Sixth Street.
Our clothes are finely pressed. My blue jeans won't miss me,
but let's go change your shoes.

Your feet must be killing you
and the car's not far.

And everyone has something awful to say,
Just try not to pay attention, they're all $#&@ed up anyway.

And remember that it's OK
if we don't see eye-to-eye today
'cause I'll be there for you tomorrow.

Steady and faithful as your anchor
trying to make the water safer in the wake of this town.

So take this with you to the west coast:
A list of some things I would like most.

And maybe you'll find a few.
I'll make it up to you
when you get home.

Steady and faithful as my anchor
trying to keep the water safer

in the wake of this town.
In the heart of my town

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