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Into It. Over It. lyrics : "Afternoon's Asleep"

I've got nothing to do or say this week. I'll spend the better half of my afternoons asleep and if anyone needs me they'll just have to wait. I'm running late for anything remotely intriguing. I haven't left home in god knows how long. Moving oh-so-slow and no one else knows what to do. I'll write this out instead. I've got major chords running through my head and before I start citing unreliable sources, I'll put this to tape and get back in bed. Oh no! Where does the time go? I'm moving oh-so-slow and everyone else knows I haven't left home in god knows how long. I'm moving oh-so-slow but what do they know? In time I'll find solid ground and peace of mind, but for now I've got my night all planned out. I made sure to set my alarm. Everyone's got a better plan but me. I can wake up days and days later with something good to say.

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