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INSPECTAH DECK : Gotta Bang lyrics

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INSPECTAH DECK lyrics : "Gotta Bang"

Yo man, like you see all of them creeps over there man?
And you know they ain't cool cause you know they gonna want some static

I just might slap ya (*##$ and strip her clothes

For fun, and pull out guns like Axle Rose
Undermine me, and see your future dissipate
Right in front of yo eyes, ain't no surprise

Cause I leave you $#&@ed up, laid out, dilated
Pupils, everybody you with, all pupils
Poodles to pit bulls, quiet as cougars

Maneuvers, silent, violent shooters
Get involved in this tangle, try me mane
And I'm a hit you so many times I'll be damed

If your homies don't feel it, yo mama too
I kno about your block and where we bring the drama to
I'm more than set, I'm set and more

And I said it before with the choppers, I'm war
Thug illegal for a [? ] to start poppin them thangs
Before you say another word, tryin to talk and explain

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
^!$$%s wanna shout my name, best believe we got to bang

Squeeze off, pop them thangs, yes indeed we bout them thangs
I walk my talk, I'm a boss, I leave you out your frame
Haters wanna block my game, don't twist it, it's not no game

[Inspectah Deck:]
Yo, I'm still on top of the game, need the thrill's still hotter than flame

What I spill cause drama to brains, and I [? ] still drop bombs on ya lane?
Killa Hill, still honor the name, the drill's still more of the same
More portion to gain, I'm rock bottom, no problem to bang

Beyond locks, son got em in chains
He knock on them chains, he on the block where they're poppin them thangs
Six figure wide ride, broads be flier than dimes

She like the iron, she be right be my side
Reason why she be liver than guys
^!$$%s plot your demise

Shake your hand, look you right in your eyes
I only $#&@ with heads I can trust
The usual suspects, the next up, Deck and Kurupt

Get your neck cut messin with us, the weapons'll bust
Your best bet, just step to the cut


[Billy Danze:]

Yo, why would I change my persona, ^!$$%, if it helped me to grow?
Helped me to glow, helped me to help you ^!$$%s know
Helped me to show you ^!$$%s I'm the same OG

From when the Wu came through like (suuuuu) in the streets
When Tha Dogg Pound drops sounds that you couldn't believe
I'm on the grounds, lead spray painting M.O.P.

(What now?) We ghetto mosh pit in this (*##$
^!$$% I don't gang bang, but I'll bang a gang you you motha$#&@as
I'm tryin to tell you why I'm legit

^!$$% I will bang bang until I break a spring in the motha$#&@a
I'm with it all day, I get love from Brownsville
From Stapleton to Crenshaw to Long Way

So ^!$$% ya'll play and you'll get tossed around
Cause I'm focused now and I'm with the bosses now, put your pocus down
And if a !@$)got (*##$ get one in his abdomen, you know I'm back around


And they jumped me, you understand?
I didn't see any ^!$$%s, they all crawled up on me

You understand? $#&@ it, You're [? ]
Cause I don't wanna get stabbed in my back or nothin
All ^!$$%s get stabbed or shot in my back

But dig this, I want em got, I want em layin out

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