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INSPECTAH DECK : Do What U Gotta lyrics

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INSPECTAH DECK lyrics : "Do What U Gotta"

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, I ride til I blew wit the case, through the days
Use the ways, ^!$$%s talk til they blue in the face

Been struggling is nothing to me, come and see
I get it in, like Kobe at the buzzer for three
When I'm gone, better twenty one gun it, thousand dollar bottles pop

One of the best that ever done it
Broke nights dumbing with the dumbest, sporting the fourth floor
I bought it from fiend for seven hundred

New faces, screwfacing ^!$$%s from a distance
One time, wait to take a ^!$$% through the system
I ain't got time to play, I hit the globe on roam

I'm still home a million miles away
And I grind so my seeds could eat, sometimes
I let my eyes close, and I daydream of sleep

And if I should die before I wake, then before my wake
Hit my wifey off with all my cake
Til then, I'mma live it up, pop corks and split a dutch

Walking on the wild side, just to get a rush
Ya'll better get in touch, laws ain't %#@! to us
Every one I know is God, Earth, King, Crip or Blood

Little ^!$$% listen up, I know you loving the life
Of living it fly, so how you can't get enough
Son said, who gives a $#&@, they see I'm making my bread

Escaping the feds, so why should I give it up?

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]

Ain't nothing left to do but
Throw myself down in these streets and
If I feel like ^!$$%s test me

I'm gon' reach out for my piece and
I don't run from confrontation
By myself I keep it true

When it comes down to getting paper
I'm gon' do what I gotta do

[Inspectah Deck]
I seen million dollar ^!$$%s fall flat on they face
Best friends, co-defendants, how you rat on your ace?

Scramblers chase, the blood money's, hammers on waist
Just to trick on the chick, with the candles and lace
Believe it, it's real, we all out, fiending for meals

Food shot up on the block, left them bleeding there still
Nothing worse than, power in the hands of fools
They play the game but, they don't understand the rules

Yo, you should understand the jewels, I got my life on the line
There's a 50/50 chance to lose
Aiyo, my dude, it's bigger than me, but as the story go

Why buy the cow when you get it for free
To make a living, it's either death or state prison
Deck just ain't quitting, either rep or stay hidden

Ya'll know the motto, hollow points follow you home
Al Capone cats, swallow the chrome
You get blown back out of your zone, like pow to the dome

So watch your mouth, kid, mind on your tone
Son I ate with the greatest, stayed with the latest
Eye for an eye, boss, ain't with the favors

I laid where they murk all day, broad day
I said flames will dispurse ya'll way, ya'll play
Deep inside the game, wise guys die for they name

While the organized mind, stay quietly paid


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