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INSPECTAH DECK : Crazy lyrics

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INSPECTAH DECK lyrics : "Crazy"

[Chorus 2X: sample]
I know it's crazy
I know it's crazy, but you can't quite turn away

[Inspectah Deck]
It's foul in the street, criminal in the street

Little child running wild, struck down in the street
I'm strapped for the brawl, story of the hood
It was written, you can read it in the graph on the walls

Long as cash is involved, they blast for the cause
And you better break bread or you asking for war
Trying to come out the hood, pray for him

Cuz he would put the gun down if he somehow could
Baby being born, teenage mother
Fly baby boy found laying in the dumpster?

She couldn't bare the load, she begged for forgiveness
Because it's just tears of soul
And the world so cold, world so bold

Gotta make it so my boy and baby girl grow old
Hold my head cuz I could be the ^!$$% in the news
Stressed cuz I need these figures for this food

[Chorus 2X]

[Inspectah Deck]
I want a better life for my children, I'm building
I'm voting for Barack, I just hope they don't kill him

I'm bugging off the government, they bugging off the fact
That the next pres, gonna be a woman or a black
I"m sure what's in store, ain't cater to the poor

And I bet many more won't make it through the storm
But I take it will be strong, we face harder hard ships
Labeled me, low class, treat it like I'm garbage

Still I stand tall, rising like a phoenix from the ash
My life trynna see it if I can
Cuz to me it's all I have, no I wouldn't trade it

I just meet you on the other side, homey, if I make it
That's why I'm bigger on the grind
I'm so close to the edge, cuz I live on the line, and

Mankind's heading for the worse
We gonna end the world if God don't get to us first

[Chorus 2X]

[Inspectah Deck]

My man just lost his job
And he was down three, so, now he forced to rob
He was good til he caught the charge

Trying to live that American dream, a three car garage
Man, it's hard and it's ways to go
You can't run from it, cuz there's no place to go

And there's no face you know
And there's no cake to blow, and there's no space to grow

[Chorus 2X]

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