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INSPECTAH DECK : 9th Chamber Pt. 2 lyrics

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INSPECTAH DECK lyrics : "9th Chamber Pt. 2"


[Intro: Inspectah Deck]

The real hip hop is over here
The real hip hop is over here
The real hip hop is over here

[Inspectah Deck]
Blue and white, Yankee fit, HG's, they the %#@!

A-list, the basic, the [email protected]&(t, the greatest %#@!
Prototype, show you right, high roller type
Fly over night phenom, recon soldier type

In the street, been a beast, industry entity
The remedy, my chemisty, the synergy, is meant to be
INS, Max Payne, pump through, the track vein

Make the move, act strange, fold 'em like, crack pain
Black bang, lick 'em down, guns don't, make a sound
Thirty eight, danger pound, everybody, gangsta now

I'mma ride, I don't hide, get mine, bottom line
Big time, papa shine, stop mine, you out your mind
D twelves, hold me dubs, females, show me love

Stunting, son? Know he was, blunted, son? Know he buzzed
Quarter G, fresh kicks, quarter P, fresh piff
Corner don, what I'm on, always be, that next %#@!

[Chorus: Nas sample (Inspectah Deck)]
Pay homage, respect, acknowledge the rep

^!$$%s is this and that, I'm just the best
(Honor the vets, still causing a threat
Knocking heads, no problem to Deck)

Pay homage, respect, acknowledge the rep
^!$$%s is this and that, I'm just the best
(I'm INS, braveheart in my chest

I don't follow, I don't mob with the rest)

[Inspectah Deck]

Killa Bee Part 3, RP Trilogy
Heartbeat, feeling me, pa be, still a G
Moshpit, mob %#@!, bomb like, Saddam hit

Armed with, the hottest %#@!, Human Torch, arsonist
Burn baby, burn it down, two step, turn around
Who that, hurt 'em now, Park Hill, murder town

Stat boy, that boy's, lord on the track
Boy, you 'roid on your back, boy, you 'noid off the track, boy
Franken-rhyme, monster mash, napalm, bomb the mass

Blaze a line, bong of hash, stay calm, start to spaz
Hit 'em hard, hit 'em up, heads nod, listen up
Split a dutch, (*##$ what, this is us, get in touch

Concrete jungle-list, stomp beats, thunderist
From on the streets, busting clips, to palm trees, loving it
Your highness, survivalist, wireless, pirate

My %#@!, ride for this, the cure for this, virus


[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Yes, you have now been taken to the dungeons of rap

Where the weak MC's don't make it back
You have signed your pact, with your fate
The dungeons...

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