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Insomnium lyrics : "The Killjoy"

To know love is to ache;
Hurt yourself and repent
For in the end all is gone;

Lights go out, your time is spent

If I were you I would retract and lock my heart

Concede defeat and admit I was off the mark
If I were you I would turn away and hide my face
Swallow my pride and then finish ere it's all disgrace

All of our dreams now laid on the sand
To wait by the perilous tides

To be washed away into the depths
And sink without a trace
Just a fool's hope remains

To rejoice is to lapse;
Fool yourself and repent

Mirth will soon turn into woe,
Reveries to contempt

If I were you I would now bring the curtain down
Accept my lot and thus fathom out my own bounds
If I were you I would rue the day when I was born

Cleanse all in life and redeem myself from scorn

Remember these words when tide is turning

The less you hope for, the less you suffer
If you dare to trust, then you shall shatter
Lunge from the heights and fall to smithereens

And when you come here with charred wings and a defiled heart
Wait not for compassion or words of consolation

For only a gleeful smile is greeting you

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