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Indiana Bible College lyrics : "Worthy"

Lord, You're so worthy
Lord, You're so worthy

Lord, You're so worthy
Worthy to praised

[Verse 1]
I wanna thank You, Lord
For giving me another day

Just to stand and lift my hands
I'm giving You all the praise
Just for a wretch like me up on

The cross You hung and died
So for Your endless mercy, Lord
I praise You both day and night

[Verse 2]
With the psaltry, with the harp

With the timbrel and the dance
No matter what I use to praise You
Gonna give You all I have

And I praise You even if I cannot
See my victory
Cause whether I win or lose, Lord

You're still so worthy


I came to lift Your praise up
I came to worship You
And with my hands raised up

I'm gonna worship You

From the rising of the sun

To the setting of the same
You are worthy to be praised
You're worthy to be praised

Oh, oh, oh, oh

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