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Indiana Bible College lyrics : "Just Want To Praise You"

[Verse 1]
There's a man on the corner walking up and down the street
He's been homeless for a while, but he makes it to church each week

And he's thankful to wake up and take another breath each day
You might not think he has a reason, but if you'll listen close he'll say

I just wanna praise You For ev'ry little thing You do
When my world's turned upside down

You turn it around
Ev'ry trial sent my way, is ordering the steps I take
When the storms of life get rough I'll lift Your name

I just wanna give You praise

[Verse 2]

I get impatient ev'ry once in a while when I can't see
Your plan The trials come along and it makes it hard to even stand
But, in the middle of the battle I find Your hand to hold on to

And I realize ev'rything is possible because of You


And I wanna thank You For all the little things that You've done for me

You've given me a song, strength to carry on I'll forever sing

[Chorus] 2x

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