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Indiana Bible College lyrics : "He's Able"

He's able to deliver me
From the hand of the enemy

He's able to set me free
Set me free from guilt and shame
Now my life is changed

[Verse 1]
Went to a meeting on a Sunday night

Something in my heart wasn't feeling right
This burden I carried with me
It got so heavy I could hardly breathe

So I went to the altar and I laid it down
Then I cried Lord what do I do now
He said have faith and believe in me

And forget about your burden
I've already set you free

[Verse 2]
When I think that these trials are more than I can bear
And is anybody listening or do they even care?

That's when my mind goes back to Calvary
And I remember how He suffered bled and died for you and me
That's when I have to lift my hands and give Him praise

And thank the Lord each and every day
And I will never fail to shout it and proclaim
That Jesus is the name that is above all other names

My God is able to deliver me

My God is able to set me free
He's able
Yes He's able

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