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Indiana Bible College : He Knows lyrics

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Indiana Bible College lyrics : "He Knows"

[Verse 1]
There are moments in this life
When the world around us seems so dark and cold

And thereâ??s nothing left to do
But to stand in the silence and face it all alone
Questions wondering why

We have to face these trials
And is it really worth all of this pain
Let me say

He knows

[Verse 2]

There are moments in this life
When the trials and tribulations seem to never end
And your spirit is so weak

That you feel like youâ??ve done all you can
Left with a broken heart
And shattered dreams

And the pieces have all been thrown away
Let me say

He knows all about the hurt
About the pain

About the tears
And though we donâ??t understand
Weâ??re blinded

By our darkest fears
And we cannot see our way
Let me say

He knows
He knows
He knows

[Verse 3]
And when you cannot see your way

Just put your trust him
Heâ??ll be faithful come what may
And though you cannot see Him

Know that He is there
If you reach out for His hand
Heâ??ll hold you

Your burden He will share


He knows what your going through
He cares and He will carry you
I know who holds the future in His hands

And you don't have to worry
If you let Him take control

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