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IN VICE VERSA : Parasite lyrics

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IN VICE VERSA lyrics : "Parasite"

Like a parasite leeching on otherâ??s lives
This is how he always survives
Reaching out for love in all directions

The trench in his souls grows deeper
His life rejecting him

The hollowness grows bigger and bigger
A void that consumes him
Sitting in a crowded room he canâ??t connect to a single person

Is it just an illusion?
Blank stares from everyone around

They donâ??t give him the satisfaction
The pain of being next to a person galaxies apart
What is it that makes him different

Maybe he doesnâ??t have a heart

Feeling like a parasite leeching on otherâ??s lives

Thriving on the existence of others is how he survives
Help me, help me

He hears repeated but he doesnâ??t know what it is
He needs help with
In his own life and his own mind

A vortex of hopelessness is destroying whatâ??s left of his time

He is the spectator of his own life

As his passes by and the hook is set to deep to try
Heâ??s dug his own grave so $#&@ it why lie?
He watches as the years pass him by but nothing changes

Close the book heâ??s ready to die
Heâ??s dug own grave and said goodbye
Heâ??s ready to die tonight, heâ??s ready to die

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