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IN TENEBRIS : Sunrise lyrics

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IN TENEBRIS lyrics : "Sunrise"

Memories fade silently
Losing continuity
It was never found in me

To comprehend eternity
Everything within your eyes
Limitless as the sunrise

Children take what we can see
We have only strength to breathe

There is one thing that I know
Far we've come and still to go

Everything I feel for you
Words cannot express it true
But to love is not the end

For inÿ you I have found a friend
Everything within your eyes
Paint the world a new sunrise

Martyred by the world it seems
Chosen now to live our dreams
Place your every trust in me

And I'll give mine to destiny

With each and every breath we take

We feel the limit, watch itÿ break
And all the hopes we should fulfill
With every step were closer still

And we shall reach the greatest height
From the darkness to the light
And all the world within our sight

From the darkness to the light

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