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IN TENEBRIS : Fear To Breathe lyrics

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IN TENEBRIS lyrics : "Fear To Breathe"

I can still feel you here
Traces you left to reappear
I cannot escape this aching dread

Clouds forever drift inside my head
I am still lost for this dream
You will lose too, or so it seems

Nothing left for us in this decay
Nothing left and still you run away

You don't have the will to see
All I hold inside of me
In despair we both will see

Summer gone, I fear to breathe. (some are gone?)
In my heart I keep these things
You know hope and what it brings?

For everything I'll never see
Forever I will fear to breathe
As you turn to walk away

I still know how far we came
Fears I know I must obey
I have not enough for you to blame

And in your eyes, I can see all the fears of my own
Hold out my hands, but it seems you are already gone

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