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IN TENEBRIS : At Sea lyrics

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IN TENEBRIS lyrics : "At Sea"

Rain outside the window pane
Reminds me of the life I used to lead
No one to be

Every day the others come
And tell me all the things I should believe
And what to see

This is no life to live
Come and take my hand and we will leave
And wait for the wind, At sea...

The future's calling me
Leading us away to soon be free
To live and breathe

Trust me now and don't look back
I know that you are hurt and long to sleep
And feel relief

From this life
Come and take my hand and we will leave
And wait for the wind, At sea...

Come and take my pain away
I've always tried to live as they would have me
But still they leave

Here and now, I've found myself
And I have never felt so well believed
When you hear me

I would give all that I have
And never think of what they take from me
When no one sees

With you I will walk away
We'll never need the things that they would bring
And we will wait, At sea...

Throw away your restless thoughts
Realize the truth within your being
And do not flee

You and I are of one heart
Cast aside your doubt and you will see
This is my plea

Open yourself to the sound
Follow towards the names, the waves, be free
And wait for the wind, At sea...

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