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IN FLAMES : Suburban Me lyrics

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IN FLAMES lyrics : "Suburban Me"

The self-inflicted state of mind
A one-man struggle beneath the tower
I think the clock still exist

god just forgot to tap my shoulder

I woke up today

I wish I felt something
The odour of my apathy
just might be true

I wan't to be the things I see
The pilgrim that is me

But I know I ain't that free
The suburban me

Spirits rise and miss the eye
Covered by the stench of judgment
As gods reflection test my pride

I serve the failure that's haunting me

Twisted visions toturing

Who claims to be the one?
That filtered smile
just might be true

"On half-speed, tonight I suffer
Satisfaction brings the unheeded"

Can you hear the message,
as I wrestle with the clouds?

I'm on the way to succumb,
It just might be true

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