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IN FLAMES : fear is the weakness lyrics

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IN FLAMES lyrics : "fear is the weakness"

At least you could have tried,
It is way past time and we're scattering ashes,
You take everything in sight.

Please hear me now,
You, you are leaving me with scars.

Fear is the weakness in all of us.
It's sad to see you go,
As I was meant to be easy,

But you drag us down.
Burden of the evidence grows...

The same road for far too long...
As it meant to be, we are losing identity.
Faith has been denied,

Let's not pretend,
Is this the first time, we just don't belong?

What world, do you percieve?
All turned cold, and no one cares for anyone.
Waiting for the final blow,

Do you have strenght at all?

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