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IN FLAMES : Dial 595-escape lyrics

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IN FLAMES lyrics : "Dial 595-escape"

Could it be a new day?
Fear in me so deep
You push me out, I feel far

The absence, close to me
The otherside I crawl
You push me out, I fall

Heal my wounds with everything
Away you complicate me

Sick of cycles, drop to zero
A while just like last times
My least favourite re-run

Sick of cycles, I bounce in grey

Escape familiar home

Memories remains alone
Reality trapped inside
The wicked descend - I hide

Testing higher mentality
I conquer myself through this

A furious path to walk
New space does exist beyond
In silence I dwell

Remain with the seed of unfulfilment

"Try to remove obstacles as they appear" my master said
"Don't look too far, you'll stumble before you're even there"

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