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IN FLAMES : Dead Alone lyrics

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IN FLAMES lyrics : "Dead Alone"

I'll always belong to the shadow
Don't show me new results
I'll never enter your heaven

Make the most out of my dirty cell
Creeps infected by control
That's what put me in here

Dig deep don't think you ever get
To the place where they buried me
The last glimpse that I have

Fragments, pieces of some things valuable even though it doesn't
make sense anymore
I release my last tear

My frustration
My conversation

Why are we even here? the abuse
That we use
I do not longer care

The cold worms and me
We are all right

We are free
The dead light inside
Fuel to new seed

New world I hide

When there are only my bones

Please put them in use
Want to be part of a new dawn
The day darkness disappears

Don't release these chains
Never been closer to myself
All your mistakes run through

As I realize what we become
The end is here to bid farewell
I'll turn to ash and hear them sing

Songs about my emotions dead and alone
Don't make an effort
You don't know me anyway

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