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For years I've wandered this world I abhor
Still my mission has just begun
With anger stronger than ever before

I crush human lives one by one

As years pass by, my hate only grows deeper

Like a black tumor inside me it swelled
I incarnate the ravenous reaper
My lust for death can never be quelled

I've found myself through lost control
Your precious suffering will make me whole

I slay your children before your helpless eyes
No time to mourn, you're next in line to die

Downfall, you weep and crawl
Your flesh and soul I desecrate
Steel against skin, feel it sink in

Taste my purest hate
Your pain is my pleasure, your torment I treasure
All sanity refrains

A primitive urge, succumb to the scourge
Of murder in my veins

Prey upon prey, closer to the goal
I sentence those guilty of having been born
Let the blood flow, let the heads roll

For the glorious task to which I am sworn

The coronation of the spawn of Cain

So far beyond what you call insane
I'll leave the world you shaped bleeding at my feet
What you hold dear to me is just useless $#&@ing meat

Scream it all out as you thrash about
A strident cacophony of fear

Your trial has begun, there's nowhere to run
The bringer of torture is here
The tears that blur your sight I greet with grave-cold spite

Hopelessness tightens its chains
It's your turn to provide for the might I hold inside
Murder in my veins

Death is an artform and life is its canvas
Be the artist or perish by the last stroke of the brush

One more down to add to the mound
My masterplan has taken its course

Onwards will I strive to feel this alive
Unknown to doubt or remorse
My craving I fulfill with each of you I kill

Till only completeness remains
Your fates I entomb, four words spell your doom:
Murder in my veins

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