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Imperials lyrics : "I'd Rather Believe In You"

I got another phone call, a caring friend or two,
They say they have the answers for what I'm going through,
But they don't understand that their ways just won't work for me,

I've got a Lord, who knows my heart, and meets my every need.


Yes Lord, I'd rather believe in You. Yes Lord I'd rather believe in You.
You've always kept your promises, Your Love has never failed.
That's why I know I'd rather believe in You.

I saw the morning paper, "Hope is lost at sea."
Fear's the motivator, but where can the victory be?

Although the signs of troubled times are tempting to receive,
I'd rather trust in the Good News that my Jesus said believe!


Oh, don't you know, that our crying time is near?

But Jesus is closer! And he dries up ever tear!


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