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Imperials lyrics : "Free the Fire in Me"

Free the fire in me
Let it be

ignited in power
Let me be
ablaze in this hour

like a torch that's passed for eternity
So free the fire in me
Let it show

like glowing devotion
Let it go
like flames hot in motion

For the world set is my burning desire
so free the fire in me

A man's true temperature is tested by his wealth
Love only flickers if it's just to warm himself
My treasure lies in you and fans the zeal of all I do

It's rising and growing
It can't be shared with just a few
Everybody needs the light

In my heart it's always burning bright
So let the heat climb ever higher
and free the fire in me


All by myself I don't know where I could begin
I'm just a spark the quenches like a candle kindles in the wind
Not by my ability

but only by his spirit can it be
I'll do all that you require
and free the fire in me


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