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IMPALED NAZARENE : We Are Satan's Generation lyrics

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IMPALED NAZARENE lyrics : "We Are Satan's Generation"

We are Satan's generation and we don't give a $#&@
Virtues, values and innocence all long dead and gone

[cho:] Infernal blood runs in our veins
Alcohol and drugs is what we need and take
We need no stupid $#&@ing conscience

Go get $#&@ed if you are not one of the bestial ones

We are Satan's generation and we don't give a $#&@

We %#@! on you, on your stupid God and on his [email protected]$( son

[repeat chorus]

We are Satan's generation and you will give a $#&@
For soon we will take over and kill all you scum

[repeat chorus]

[Music & Lyrix: Luttinen]

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