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IMPALED NAZARENE : Sadogoat lyrics

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IMPALED NAZARENE lyrics : "Sadogoat"

Burning the brutal, brutal out of the game
Bleeding in fire that releases part of my brain
I akth a sakhn, i a sakth the flame

As you die for Satan, Necronomicon, the burning gates


Sadogoat-masogoat [x3]

Burning the victims, victims of over-throne

Killing the fire, inside, outside of the door
Satan wants you, believe in fire & flame
Killing the brutal, brutal inside my brain

[repeat chorus (x3)]

The goat is about to reign
As they will eat your brains
The victims of infernal war,

Burning witches...arrgh !

Burning the fire,

Inside, outside of my brain
Killing the goat,
That lives inside my brain

Goatic reign,
Will you confess at first sigh
Satan's [email protected]^%, Lucifer be my guide

[repeat chorus (x3)]

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