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IMPALED NAZARENE : Reflect On This lyrics

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IMPALED NAZARENE lyrics : "Reflect On This"

Face turns red, veins are bursting
Just wanna beat the living $#&@ out of you

Enough is enough I said
You did not want to listen at all

You leave me no choice
But to show you the true meaning of hell

Domestic issues  well you [email protected]^% try to $#&@ing reflect on this

Face turns blue, you cannot breathe

A [email protected]^% like you deserves nothing else

As you are beaten into a bloody pulp

You might think you should have just shut up

No words can describe this feeling

So I let my fists do the talking

Tie her up and lock her into the cellar

Twist her mind beyond normal
A [email protected]^% is a [email protected]^% remember that
Teach obedience with an iron bar

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