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Immortal : Unearthly Kingdom lyrics

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Immortal lyrics : "Unearthly Kingdom"

Entering the sacred world of might
To where the stormy kingdoms home
Here naked winds blow cold and free

All black and dead on frozen ground

Pass teh gate to Blashyrkh worlds

An everburning fire swirls
Here shadows hold a grimly sight
Dark must the eyes that see it be

Elder visions rise - the legends and myths
Once brought before the throne of might

Blacker of worlds
Once I would look upon its grace
With everblowing winds

This realm consumes the light

Rule all that comes to eye

Uphold the might
Gates to Blashyrkh
Profante majestic realm

Unearthly kingdom
Mighty ravendark
With everblowing winds

This realm consumes the light

The gate is open

With endless heigts, tall and steep
Here moons at twilight
Above the misty deeps

Graced with eternal nights - ice blown by wind
Forests dark to see - dread naked trees

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