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Immortal : Mount North lyrics

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Immortal lyrics : "Mount North"

A passage in the sky
Its sights so monumental
Tower the mountain range

Pointing towards the Nordlight
Its realm hearts the kings
In the shivering frost

A horn monumental
Portals that throne in the sky

Above mountainsides
Pointing towards the Nordlight

Who dwell as gods of ice
Who rule the final realm

Mount North - the greates of sights
Mount North - its power and might
Mount North - in the dark can be seen

Mount North - awaiting me

A mountain of dark

To where the mysterious rise
Under its light call the stars
Out here I am cursed to wander

Its realm heart the kings
In the shivering frost

Mount North - on unholy ground
Mount North - blackened abound

Mount North - as far as I see
Mount North - I shall enter thee

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