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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Young Lords"

They got me locked in a cell where I'm feeling like an experiment
My spirit sharper than lasers they used to build pyramids
Writing on the walls keep me sane

Knuckle push-ups on the concrete, till I bleed out the pain
Thoughts of my freedom lingering in my brain
I'm stronger and much quicker I appreciate the gain

Building with my ..., brown power reunite
Tattoos of my flag, PR pride Jesus Christ
But I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

So when I'm free I'll teach and spread the speech
Of how they try to divide us (to make us weak)
Find us (and break a piece) So I gotta

(To make a peace) honest (I play for keeps)
This is the life of your forefathers that fought hard
Four corners of backyards, power in numbers

So they subtract us and add bars
If they want it, we gonna take 'em to war
We not a gang or a clique, we Young Lords!

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Thanks to maria.01215