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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Rich Man's World"

Network (1976)Arthur Jensen: "You get up and howl about america and democracy. There isno america there is no democracy, We no longer live in a world of nationsand ideologies. The world is a college of corporations? inexorablydetermined by the? immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business.And I have chosen you to preach this evangel"Immortal Technqiue:For all my free market, healthcare robbing, stock stealing, retirement fund$#[email protected] with ^!$$%s. $#[email protected] your little credit card scammin, jewlery stealing,crack selling, liquor store robbing mother $#[email protected] (Its a rich mans world)hahahaha. / Shout to the homies, Carnegie, OG, Willie Randolf Hearst,Rockefeller, the real Rockefeller, my main (*##$ Leona, little Louie thethirteenth, (???), Jack Abramoff, hold ya head, my red child [email protected][email protected], LET'SGET THIS MONEY[Verse 1: Immortal Technique]I spend my day repping america overseasPensions for the workers? ^!$$% pleaseEmbezzlement etiquette private settlementI'm better with confederate rhetoric from my mansion in connecticutForeclose and evict homes at the tenementI twist words like a speech inpedImentI hope you got good credit (*##$If not better get a new job with benefitsWhen i play golf with ^!$$%sii get cheddar withNew money buys brand new karatsMy old money bought your great grand parentsYou got grills in ya mouth I ain't mad at yaI own every gold mine in South AfricaThanks baby you made me a billionPlus i own a building for each one of my children's childrenThat's the %#@!, snort [email protected]%!e in the wet mist USA sucking my dickYea what $#[email protected] the law 'cus real jail is for suckasI go to country club prison you dumb mother $#[email protected](I am the 1% $#[email protected] (*##$)[Hook]You know my CEO corporate steeez pleaseOverthrow governments overseas in a breezePoliticians in my pocket for a few hundred GsSo if I'm never in court my $$#ets a never freeze[Verse 2: Immortal Technique]I got a job and house and a bank accountWhen I'm out i doubt that's something you could sayAnd if not then i fake death like Kenneth LayMake money every day the world burnsWanna tax us while y'all struggle to pay taxesI'm getting my money the fastestMemos and faxes shredded up documentsSlush funds through the corrupt continentsBut they don't want me indicted'Cause they don't want my dirty laundry aired when i fight itDon't get my lawyers excited'Cause what good is a law if you cant rewrite itI got CIA traders, dictators so $#[email protected] y'all whistleblowers and haters(Its a rich mans world) ShiiieeeaaatIll invest money from Al QaedaIn the bank 911 widows go to laterCapitalism so i pray to $#[email protected] the state of the worldMoney talks so what the $#[email protected] i need to say to ya girl(I donit pay em to $#[email protected], I pay em to live)[Hook]You know my CEO corporate steeez greedIll treat countries like the IMF down on your kneesReal gangsters run the world $#[email protected] what you believeIll cut down the forest while y'all ^!$$%s burning some treesIll get your family murdered for a couple of Gs'Cause your working class money ain't $#[email protected] with meYou think rappers are rich 'cause of songs you heard?My labels make the money and haven't rapped a $#[email protected] word[Verse 3: Immortal Technique]Y'all in the ocean coastin' with the sails outHey America thanks for the bailoutsI made off at the banco ambrosianoGot away scott free like el VaticanoAcitvists activist get mad at me'Cause I'm a tax free charity80% to the staff and companyAnd 20% to the homeless and hungryThe country gotta pay the fed reserveKick back to the banksters haven't you learnedYou protest cops or patrols on the streetBut i bought city hall so i own the policeEmail facebook and the %#@! you tweetOn the phone companies so i heard you speakMy suggestion is no correction no elections, sex with no affectionNo invention would benefit the world of manWill exist till i got the money in my handWorld bank, interest rate damn rape on the spotBut I'm a gangster you gon' take my money like it or not, ^!$$%(I got your country in my pocket, mother$#[email protected]!)[Hook]You know my CEO masonic steeez cheeseOnly little people pay all these taxes and feesSince you were born we control what you watch and you readAnd pretty soon were gonna own the $#[email protected] air that you breatheI take what i want $#[email protected] I don't have to say pleaseIll convince you that its good for you, take it and leaveYou think presidents are the face of a nationI put em all where they are, end of the conversationhahaha

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