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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "No Mercy"

[Louis Farrakhan talking]
"Brothers and sisters...friends....and I see some enemies.
[Laughter and then applause]

In fact I think we'd be fooling our self's if we had a audience
this large and didn't realize that there were some enemies present."

[Verse One]
I'm a weapon that fires
Lyrical projectiles with no mercy

I'm cold blooded like reptiles
Touch a pregnant (*##$ and make her give birth to a dead child
Every time I flex styles

^!$$%s vacate the premises and become exiles
I manufacture rhymes like textiles of x-files
And lighten juveniles

Living life with no purpose
Organize a army that will make the devil's nervous
Competition is worthless

Like the electoral vote
If you provoke I'll break your mother$#[email protected] neck in a yoke
Your better off throwing your %#@!ty life away sniffing [email protected]%!e

Technique will choke you into a spiritual state
And it will take a lake of hydrochloric acid to soften this
I'll fake your parents suicide and kill you in the orphanage

But I inspire ideological metamorphosis
Stop talking %#@! or I'll make your existence a memory
So you can have me frozen cryogenically for centuries

But I'll break the ice if anyone on the planet mentions me
I'll burn a hypocritical flag intentionally
Explosive revolutionary

Chemistry's my destiny

[Chorus: 2x]

No mercy is what I chemically bomb on enemies
Your life's a $#[email protected] mistake, technique is the remedy
Destroy you before you become what you intended to be

And in the future you'll worship those that descended from me

[Verse Two]

When I fight you I won't snipe you
I'll use a HIV infected needle to strike you
As well as anyone that vaguely resembles or looks like you

And just to spite you I'll force your children
At gun point to bite you
And rip a piece off

To start the beef off of the rest of your petty limited life
I'm coming at cha to catch ya by surprising the sight
Nobodies stupid enough to back ya when tactically attack ya

Because my style is nasty like protruding bone fractures
And your a played out dirty #[email protected] devil
Like Margaret Datcher

But technique never get captured inside the rapture
Cause I mastered the art of causing natural disasters
You should learn the difference

In between the students and the master
My stature is the dispatcher of damaging decibels
And even though my starving people are considered expendable

I consecutively escape the racist court puritanical
I spit raw kinetic energy that's immeasurable
Retaliation for perpetration is unendable

Mercy is not extendible
I'll break your $#[email protected] brain down into psychological chemicals

[Chorus: 2x]

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