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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Lick Shots"

Featuring: Chino Xl

This is the Invasion!
The Evil Genius Green Lantern!

Immortal Technique, "The 3rd World"
(it's on now mother$#[email protected] - ha ha, drop)
You ain't got the right to bear arms, huh?

Sometimes you might have to brandish a mother$#[email protected] firearm
(Lick shots, lick shots, lick shots, lick shots)

[Chorus: Immortal Technique]
Lick shots, lick shots, lick shots
Lick shots for the revolution

Lick shots, lick shots, lick shots, lick shots
But watch, where the $#[email protected] you shootin
Yo where you aimin at? Where you aimin at?

Where the $#[email protected] you ^!$$%z aimin at?
Where you aimin at? Where you aimin at?
This is only for the hardcore wherever you at, yeah

[Immortal Technique]
Random one cop killa, hip-hop has never been realer

Volume 2 shot up the president like a gorilla
New York police state capital tried to swallow me
Locked me longer than Puerto Rico been a colony

Thirteenth Amendment slavery property
And now they signin rappers that promote their philosophy?
$#[email protected] that, ^!$$% hip-hop is not Republican

that's just the white mother$#[email protected] that own the publishin
And get the $#[email protected] out, if you want the foreigners gone
I paint the White House black and park my car on the lawn

Marry a Muslum girl and $#[email protected] her five times a day (WHAT?)
Every time right before we shower and pray (HA!)
You damn right the AK, symbolizes Jihad

But a holy war, is a conversation with God
You (*##$ ^!$$%z misinterpret what you don't understand
Stackin the wrong sign can end up, shootin your man

Shootin each other, shootin your brother
Aim the gun at the right mother$#[email protected]
and leave him colder than the prison in Russia

or America's white power structure
^!$$%z love to say "$#[email protected] revolution!"
Until the jury comin and move for the prosecution

And them brothers act like a born-again Huey Newton
Forgot about the bull%#@! music they was producin
But my ^!$$%z aim precisely, through the confusion - AND


I got a hundred shooters with me, Rugers
shoot you through the kidney

Stand in front of the judge and lie quicker than Scooter Libby
I'm runnin through the city - dear God
If I murk the racist Rush Limbaugh I wonder

would you forgive me? (Huh?)
Somebody told me glim back as the plan's over
See ya, time to let him see a damn soldier

Flip your Landrover, I told ya I blam toasters
Gun pop off like the mouth of Ann Coulter
This is my gangsta religion

See I aim with precision, point blank the position
I'm black as them ancient Egyptians
Before European historians went and changed the description

I'm blamed for the 'caine in the kitchen
The C.I.A. playin with the pigeons, same
pain that I'm pitchin (yea)

Listen, you dudes better watch the hook
I'm a boxer, coppers'll come up, Hoffa look
They wanna get rid of this conscious crook

Like I'm a Gnostic, apocryphal, non-canonical Gospel book
But I ain't goin nowhere, that's the mother$#[email protected] truth
America don't care for its inner city youth - so I


[Chino XL]
Puerto Rican superhero!

Yo, XL eternal my journal, Sojourner, Nat Turner
Cop murdered by the certain burner
turned in the back of his sternum
He flirted with pullin me over for bein brown, I bust
Now he in the back of the truck with Don Imus

I must, take aim when I lick shots
Throw stray bullets like when Nas got off of Pharoahe Monch
These pigs wanna see us dead inside a jail cell
Turn us from Shawn Carter to Shawn Combs to Sean Bell
My temper 'bout to break like levees in New Orleans

Catch Jimmy Iovine when he refinance his mortgages
Kid illusion is dead, we movin with the blue and the red
Latin Kings, Giuliani with a gat to his head
Y'all don't lick shots like killers aimin at the Feds
Y'all lick shots like Jenna Jameson and Superhead

Pigs slice to Venice and beef at the benefits meet
Buried him on Venice Beach with the flies and the bees
Bzzzt - Chino, and Immortal Tech'
Kill %#@! like the Chinito at Virginia
Tech (what's $#[email protected] with that?)
And Jacob ain't your friend, he's a $#[email protected] jeweler

BLAP, BLAP! I shoot the cats off your $#[email protected] Pumas!


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa