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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Freedom Of Speech"

Freedom of speech, mother$#[email protected]
Okay, something for the kids (hahaha)

I got no strings to hold be down
To make me fret or make me frown

I had strings, but now I'm free
I got no strings on me

[Verse 1]
Step into the club smoothly with a L in my hand
(*##$es know that I'm a freak like the elephant man

Intelligent plans
$#[email protected] a record deal, I want development land
With my benevolent clan

And that's the reason that I only trust my fam
40,000 records sold, 400 grand
$#[email protected] a middle man, I won't pay anyone else

I'll bootleg it and sell it to the streets my self
I'd rather be that than signed and stuck on a shelf
And because of this executives try to diss me

Racism frozen in time like Walt Disney
And now they say they wanna get me signed to the majors
If I switch up my politics and change my behavior

Try to tell me what to rhyme about over the beat
(*##$ ^!$$%s that never spent a day in the street
But I repeat that nobody can hold my reigns

I put the truth on tracks ^!$$%, simple and plain


I got no strings, so I have fun
I'm not tied up when we need one
They've got strings but you can see

There are no strings on me!

[Verse 2]

I guess to America I'm a disaster
A slave that was destined to own his masters
Independent in every single sense of the word

I say what I want, you $#[email protected] little sensitive herb
This is America, I thought we had freedom of speech
But now you want try to control the way that I speak

And O'Reilly you think that you a patriot?
You ain't nothing but a mother$#[email protected] racist (*##$
Fulla hatred, pressin a button trying to inject me

But I ain't got no mother$#[email protected] deal with Pepsi
No corporate sponser telling me what to do
Asking me to tone it down during the interview

Tryin' to minimize the issue, but I'm keeping it large
I love the place that I live, but I hate the people in charge
Speakin is hard when you got strings attached

So I'm a say it for you 'cause I ain't got none o' that
And if you didn't understand what I spit at your brain
Aiyyo son, let this little ^!$$% explan:

I got no strings to hold be down

To make me fret or make me frown
I had strings, but now I'm free
I got no strings on me

Come on son, y'all ^!$$%s know the way I do
Immortal Technique dot com live for you

And I know sometimes it be making you nervous
The way I snatch puppet rappers that belong in a circus
You mother$#[email protected] just can't compare

Looking for a fan base that's no longer there
I know that you're scared, and you're hidin' up in the cut
But this is freedom of speech ^!$$%, tell 'em what's up

Word ^!$$%, $#[email protected] John Ashcroft! ^!$$%, $#[email protected] Fox News! $#[email protected] those snake-ass
(*##$es Tryin to manipulate your opinion, tellin you what to think

Word the $#[email protected] up, like "we invaded ^!$$%s 'cause we want to free them"
You racist motha $#[email protected], you don't give a %#@! about those people
You can suck my dick!!


Another rum and [email protected]%!e at the bar, ^!$$%
Its my day off, word up
$#[email protected], for the kids, (ha) for the kids (hahaha)

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