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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Death march"

This is for all those who have been labeled extremists,
maniacs, terrorists, %#@!.
Welcome to the third world.

Invasion, a ramp of monetary inflation,
That brought us all to the footsteps of this nation,
Peruvians, Haitians, and Ecuadorians,

Nicaragua, Columbines, South Missourians.
They call us terrorists after they ruined our countries.
Funding right wing, paramilitary monkeys,

Torture the populaces, then blame the communists,
Your lies are too obvious, propaganda, but not in this
And that's not socialist mythology,

This is urban warfare, to the streets of your physiology.
So im like the legs of a parapegic really,
Cuz im still part of you, even if you can't feel me.

You can never debate me, the m4's at your baby,
Like troops and gats in iraq do daily.
So you can marginalize the way you portray me.

But don't get Hollywood and try to play me,
We could shoot it out in a dinner, like juce in the 80's.
New jack city, classic rock mack --

--You got a contract to kill me, motherf**ker that's fine.

It's a contract to kill your family when I die.
So when your car explodes, don't be surprised.
Soldier, I'm like marine core c4, even blow this spot beat rocking at 3.4.

Cameras the flow, like the ghost of Michael Angelo,
This is the anthem, Immortal Technique and DJ Green lantern.
Don't say %#@! (*##$, you don't want the che che to come and fft.

You know what i sick with, lyrical tuberculosis.
Cocaine overdoses, blood comin out your nose.
That's what --

I told you my people will kill you for water right?

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa