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IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE lyrics : "Adios, uncle tom (skit)"

This is Poison Pen, with a message to the industry coon
No matter how Hollywood you think you are

No matter how many records you sold
No matter how many chains you rock
How big your rims are, or how shiny your freaking grills are

This is what they think about you

"(?) NIGGER!"

"Burn the Mexican flag for American"
"He's a [email protected][email protected]!"
"The Qu'ran is a document of slavery and shatel"

"He's a [email protected][email protected]! (Oh my God) A [email protected][email protected] look at the [email protected][email protected]!"
"Don't tell me I need re-education, they need deportation"
"We need to close our borders and this needs to be a white country like our forefathers founded it"

Keep shucking and jiving and showing ya teeth, (*##$.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa